The key to attracting consumers online is understanding their search inquiries and appealing to their ultimate goal: finding the right provider. A 2020 study of 1,000 healthcare consumers revealed that the internet is the top source that people turn to when conducting their own research to find a new provider. Investing in your medical group’s find-a-provider brings traffic directly to your website, gives you more control over the patient journey, and facilitates brand differentiation essential for patient acquisition and retention.

Your Find-a-Provider: The Foundation for Online Patient Acquisition

This free guide provides tangible tips on offering a compelling find-a-provider on your medical group's website. You’ll learn how to more effectively:

    • Attract healthcare consumers directly to your website 
    • Convert demand to booked appointments
    • Retain patients amid rising competition

Plus, get our Find-a-Provider Must-Haves list. Download the guide today!

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