As living in a COVID-19 world has become our ‘new normal’, health systems are developing new ways to stay in touch with their communities and facilitate frictionless access to care. While this pandemic has had a far-reaching impact on US health systems, its effect has been different for different types of organizations. This virtual forum will focus on the specific impacts on children’s hospitals and their unique set of challenges, as parents and caregivers navigate the best ways to seek physical and mental health care for their children.

Join us and health system leaders from Boston Children’s Hospital and UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital for a discussion on COVID-19’s ramifications for pediatric access to care, how leading organizations have adjusted to maintain continuity of care, and what implications they see for care delivery in the coming months.

This session in our virtual forum series will focus on:

  • The immediate impact of COVID-19 on pediatric hospitals and how they are preparing for the months ahead 
  • Implications for national and international patients seeking specialty pediatric care
  • Effective ways top children’s hospitals have adapted their digital and operational strategies to provide continuity of access
*Please Note: This Forum Has Ended*

Featured Speakers:

  Bokser, Seth UCSF Jennifer Magaziner headshot-resized  
Pediatric Hospitalist,
UCSF Benioff Children's
Hospital; Clinical Professor,
UCSF Department of Pediatrics
Senior Director,
Strategy & Digital Innovation,
Boston Children's Hospital  


*This Forum has Ended*

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