Screen Shot 2019-03-04 at 2.33.46 PMNearly 60% of healthcare consumers prefer to call when booking an appointment.1How does your health system ensure that this interaction lays the foundation for a lasting relationship?

As patient experience becomes a deciding factor for today’s healthcare consumers, health systems have an opportunity to invest in their access center and leverage it as strategic pillar of their brand experience.

This Access Leader’s Toolkit includes a variety of resources, including primary research, checklists, and white papers, to help access leaders make their access center experience an integral part of their marketing and customer engagement strategy.

Download our free toolkit to discover:

  • Provider profile must-haves for delivering personalized service to patients
  • How to select the right access model to reduce scheduling barriers
  • The current state of the access center experience and key metrics for enhancing it long-term


1 2018 Patient Access Journey Report


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