Health system leaders know they can no longer rely on a strong brand alone to attract and retain patients. As patients act more like consumers and become increasingly informed, they are prioritizing experience and switching for more convenient access. But does your organization have full visibility into current performance or know which metrics to watch to track how effective your access initiatives are?

49584595-0-kyruus-foundationalp (1)In this white paper, you will learn the six foundational metrics to:
  • Assess patient perceptions of interactions with your health system
  • Compare how your organization stacks up against competitors on experience
  • Determine how well you’re meeting consumer demand for timely access
  • Spot ways to streamline the provider search and scheduling process–online and over the phone
  • Track the impact of patient experience initiatives over time
Download this free white paper to learn what these metrics are and how to use them to address potential sources of consumer dissatisfaction and enhance consumer experience moving forward.

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