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Referral Management

What is referral management?

  • The processes surrounding how providers and staff select providers for referrals, submit referrals to them, and track associated outcomes.

Why is effective referral management important for hospitals & health systems?Woman with Physician.jpg

 Learn how primary care providers make decisions about specialty referrals.

What are the current issues in referral management?

  • Reliance on familiar providers, who may not be the right fit for each patient's particular needs – and may be out of network
  • Patient-provider mismatches due to insufficient or inaccurate provider information  
  • Difficulty ensuring patients leave with clear next steps and their next appointment booked

Hear how Houston Methodist addressed these issues.

What can hospitals & health systems do to improve referral management?

  1. Establish a centralized, accurate provider directory for the whole network that contains detailed areas of clinical expertise.
  2. Make it easy for providers and staff to search for the right providers for patients' needs across the network.
  3. Analyze clinical coverage across your provider network and take steps to fill gaps where needed.
  4. Enable those referring to view and book into providers' calendars to remove key pain points in the process.
  5. Track referral patterns in and out of network and better understand barriers to patient retention.

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Learn how the KyruusOne provider data management platform aggregates provider information to give your health system a single point of access to detailed and dependable provider information.