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Kyruus has been alerted of a phishing scam where individuals pretending to represent Kyruus are emailing prospective job seekers about fictitious job opportunities and, in some cases, emailing offer letters and other employment documents that look and feel genuine. These phishing scams aim to get you to divulge personal, sensitive, or financial information.


  • Their profiles impersonate actual Kyruus recruiters and may appear legitimate, but utilize “wired.com” or comes from an email address other than “@kyruus.com”.
  • They may send you documents as part of the application process that include a job description, employee guidelines, salary, and benefits information, with the Kyruus logo and other Kyruus details.
  • In some cases, they may ask for an online interview for a job position that allows you to work remotely from your residence, and may ask for personal information so that they can have a computer and software be delivered to your home and to help set up your home office.
  • After extending the fictitious offer to you, these individuals may ask for bank account details to deposit some form of compensation to your account.

Please be aware that Kyruus would never ask prospective employees for personal, sensitive, or financial data from candidates during the application process, including date of birth, social security numbers, or bank account information. Kyruus may request some personal information to conduct background checks, but this will be through password-protected means. Also, legitimate Kyruus offers of employment are based on merit and are only extended once a candidate has interviewed with all members of the hiring team, through actual meetings (virtual or otherwise) and not online communications only. Kyruus does not use “wired.com” or “google hangouts” for its recruiting activities.

Candidates should never provide bank account details or send money at any time to a Kyruus recruiter or other personnel as part of the application process, and should confirm that all recruiter email addresses end in “@kyruus.com”.

If you have been contacted about, or have provided personal, sensitive, or financial information in relation to, a purported Kyruus employment offer that feels suspicious, please contact us at RecruitingVerification@kyruus.com.

And if you think that you have been a victim of fraud, please contact the following authorities:

FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center

Federal Trade Commission Complaint Assistant

Thank you for your interest in Kyruus and we wish you every success in your career endeavors.