The modern patient access journey is anything but linear, with consumers turning to multiple online resources in their search for care. How can healthcare organizations continue to expand their presence across channels to attract, convert, and retain digitally-empowered consumers?

Watch this webinar to hear findings from the 5th annual Patient Access Journey Report—uncovering new insights into how consumers search for and schedule care—and how leaders at Geisinger Health are reaching healthcare consumers across the increasingly complex digital landscape. 

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • What Kyruus' 5th annual survey of 1,000 people reveals about consumers' changing preferences for finding, selecting, and scheduling care 
  • Which channels healthcare organizations should prioritize to reach digitally-empowered consumers
  • How a leading healthcare organization is extending their presence across crucial channels to meet consumers where they are (e.g., Google MyBusiness, health plan directories)




Patrick Kokoruda
AVP Patient Contact Center, Geisinger Health



Sarah Sommer
VP Digital Engagement, Geisinger Health

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