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Care Settings

Our provider search and scheduling solution helps health systems boost patient retention, ensure appropriate follow-up care, and streamline care transitions.


ProviderMatch for Referral Networks

Engage Your Providers. Retain Your Patients.

Network Visibility: The Foundation for Patient Retention

Enabling effective care coordination requires making it easy for providers to understand who else is in the network, what they do, and where they’re located. To facilitate care collaboration and foster patient retention, health systems need to empower providers with more robust information about their networks, as well as easier ways to ensure patients leave their offices with follow-up appointments in hand. ProviderMatch gives providers and staff a technology-driven approach for selecting and scheduling in-network appointments. Powered by KyruusOne, the same provider data management platform powering the other ProviderMatch applications, the solution helps health systems improve patient retention, reduce misdirected referrals, and improve care transitions.


providers who refer out of network cite lack of in-network visibility


patients leave without appointment booked for follow-up referral


referrals providers receive & consider clinically inappropriate

Boost Patient 

ProviderMatch delivers visibility into the full provider network and enables dynamic provider searches based on a host of criteria, so providers and their staff can more easily understand the clinical expertise available within their networks.

Ensure Appropriate 
Follow-up Care

Comprehensive provider profiles—displaying providers’ clinical areas of expertise at a detailed level—and robust search capabilities enable providers and staff to route patients to the providers best suited to patients' unique needs.

Streamline Care 

A quick and dynamic provider search process replaces stagnant lists and other traditional data sources, while enterprise-wide appointment availability and direct scheduling allow for appointment booking before the patient leaves.  
Referral details in ProviderMatch for Network Referrals

Dynamic Smart Search

ProviderMatch’s smart search engine not only gives providers visibility into who’s in the network, but also makes it easy for them to search network-wide for those best suited to their patients’ needs based on detailed clinical focus areas and key non-clinical filters (e.g., location, language, and availability).

Robust Provider Profiles

Rich profiles enable providers and referring staff to understand other providers’ clinical areas of practice in detail, as well as access other relevant details—from years in practice and accepted insurances to education and training—to factor in as they determine where to route patients.

Referral Details in ProviderMatch for Network Referrals
Referral details in ProviderMatch for Network Referrals

Efficient Care Transitions

ProviderMatch makes it quick and easy to find an appropriate provider for referral and ensure patients leave with a follow-up appointment. If additional follow-up is needed, ProviderMatch helps offices maintain visibility into scheduling status to ensure an efficient care transition., and maintain visibility throughout the process. What’s more, providers gain continued transparency into referral status, so they stay in the loop about their patients.

Centralized Work Queue

A unified, user-friendly queue enables provider offices or discharge coordinators to centrally manage referrals in a way that helps prioritize appointment requests and maximize workflow efficiency.

Network referral queue

Novel Referral Insights

Unified referral insights give health systems an unprecedented view of provider referral patterns and subsequent patient outcomes, enabling them to identify opportunities to improve processes and close gaps in network clinical coverage that could lead to patients seeking care outside the system.

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