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ProviderMatch for Access Centers

Web-based provider search and scheduling solution that helps access centers improve patient-provider matching, align patient demand with provider supply, and boost operational efficiency.

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The Right Match. The First Time.


The Access Center: Your Health System’s “Front Door”

Delivering a positive access center experience to patients is critical for converting patient demand to booked appointments. However, patients can fall through the cracks due to inefficient workflows, gaps in provider information, and long waits for appointments. Without optimal technology, it’s hard for agents to find and match patients with the right providers for their needs.

A Technology Backbone for Access Centers

ProviderMatch for Access Centers makes it easy for agents to see who’s in the network, what their areas of clinical expertise are, and when they’re available. Powered by KyruusOne, the same provider data management platform powering the other ProviderMatch applications, it helps health systems optimize patient-provider matching, align network capacity with patient demand, and boost operational efficiency.

Optimize patient-provider

ProviderMatch’s smart search engine ensures patients see the providers best suited to their particular clinical needs, while also accounting for their non-clinical preferences (e.g., location, language) and timing needs.

Align network capacity with
patient demand

Visibility into providers’ areas of clinical expertise and availability across your network prevents overreliance on the most well-known providers, unnecessary appointment lag times, and uneven demand distribution.

Boost operational

ProviderMatch streamlines the provider search process for access center agents, replacing manual workflows with technology that enables dynamic provider search, availability search, and direct appointment scheduling.


Dynamic Smart Search

ProviderMatch’s unique smart search engine enables agents to initiate searches based on a single keyword or phrase, without being constrained to provider name or specialty, and apply a range of filters to drive better matches. Visibility into appointment availability further supports supply-demand alignment.

Comprehensive Provider Profiles

Rich profiles give agents a complete, well-rounded picture of providers, so they have the level of insight needed to route patients optimally. ProviderMatch puts pertinent clinical and non-clinical information at their fingertips to enable a better service experience and a better provider match.


Kyruus’ taxonomy helps agents see what our providers do at a uniquely detailed level so they can match patients optimally, while the ProviderMatch search engine streamlines the referral process.

-Dr. Abraham Warshaw, SVP, Chief & Medical Director, Access Services, Mount Sinai Health System


Built-In Patient Interaction Management

PatientOne, our integrated patient interaction management solution, enables health systems to track patients’ historical encounters with the organization, streamline workflows by allowing agents to pull up patient demographics prior to searching, and deliver more personalized service to patients.

Direct Appointment Booking

ProviderMatch integrates with leading practice management systems, giving agents a single, consolidated view of provider availability across the network. This enables them to search based on availability and book directly into underlying systems, saving time and driving patient demand conversion.


Hear how ProviderMatch helps Hospital for Special Surgery enhance access to its highly specialized provider network.

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