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Provider Search Solution for Healthcare Organizations

Match patients with the right providers—wherever they access care—with a modern find-a-provider experience. 

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Healthcare organizations can deploy ProviderMatch anywhere…

Websites or mobile apps to engage and convert consumers with easy self-service access and simplified online scheduling workflows

Access centers to provide agents with a powerful search and scheduling solution embedded directly within their CRMs

Office front desk to enable staff to coordinate follow up care quickly and ensure in-network retention of patients

Emergency department or urgent care discharge areas to establish follow up or primary care for episodic care incidents

Key Features of Provider Search

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Smart-Search, Find-a-Provider Experience

The ProviderMatch Smart Search engine enables consumers, agents, staff, and more to initiate searches for care based on a single keyword or phrase (including lay synonyms), or complex natural language searches—and find the best match for a patient’s needs. 

Rich, search engine optimized provider and location profiles, a variety of filtering options, real-time appointment availability, and more help hone in on the right matches for a patient’s needs and preferences (e.g., insurance, locations, virtual vs. in-person visit).

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Intuitive Online Scheduling

An easy online scheduling workflow allows consumers to book in-person and/or virtual care appointments at their convenience—without needing to pick up the phone.

With ProviderMatch, online consumers can view real-time appointment availability and book directly into leading scheduling systems, as well as access appointment inventory for practices without a direct integration.

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User-Driven Authenticated Login

Single sign on authentication offers a customized experience for agents and staff offering the ability to see specialized data, filtering options, and more. With direct integrations into top customer relationship management systems, organizations can eliminate the swivel chair experience for agents and staff—increasing conversion and productivity in tandem. 

Access to a consistent list of referring providers, specific appointment availability, and more give authenticated users access to rich information enabling them to book the right care for a patient—whether for the first visit or a follow-up interaction. 

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Powerful Search API

The powerful search API that powers ProviderMatch can also power expanded digital access experiences from mobile apps to location finders to chatbots and more. 

Highly performant and healthcare-specific, organizations can also build custom find-a-provider experiences with the ProviderMatch Search API—creating a unique look and feel wherever consumers engage. 

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Novel Consumer Demand Analytics

ProviderMatch Analytics puts actionable consumer demand analytics at the fingertips of health system marketers in a way they’ve never had before.

By combining website behavior—including search types and filter activities—Google Analytics, and rich appointment activity in one place, marketers can make data-driven decisions to boost digital patient acquisition.

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