Learn providers’ latest thoughts on their digital presence in both internal and third-party channels, their new-found respect for online scheduling, and what tools are helping them mitigate workforce shortages.

Provider_Perspectives_On_Digital_Access_2022_CoverKey findings include:

    • Nearly 80% of providers say their profile is key for presenting an accurate picture of themselves to consumers and colleagues.
    • 98% of providers say it’s important for their healthcare organization to take a more active role in managing their profiles in external digital channels.
    • 96% of providers report interest in online scheduling—up 30 percentage points since 2019.
    • New technology solutions—including new/different practice management tools and more online scheduling—may hold the key to alleviating workforce shortages.


For more illuminating provider insights and nuances, as well as recommendations for engaging providers to impact the success of your digital access strategies, download the full report.

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