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Provider Data Management Overview

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What's the definition of provider data management?

The technology, services, policies, and procedures that enable health systems to aggregate and manage comprehensive information about the providers within their networks in an effective way.

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Why is provider data management important for hospitals & health systems?

  • To understand and manage their provider networks: who is in the network, what their clinical areas of focus are, where they practice, and when they have appointment availability. Learn how effective provider data management affected operational efficiency at Community Health Network.

  • To perform core business functions for the organization effectively, such as marketing, recruiting, revenue cycle management, and operations.

  • To manage strategic initiatives successfully, such as operationalizing clinically integrated networks and integrating acquisitions. Read how one health system unified provider data after a merger.Learn t

Learn the Three Ways Poor Provider Data Hurts Core Business Processes.

How does poor provider data management affect health system entry points?

Access centers

Poor provider data management hinders effective patient-provider matching, patient satisfaction, and demand conversion through call centers. Read our Call Center Patient Experience Blog series for more:

Health system websites

If a health system's website does not contain robust, accurate provider information or reflect provider availability, online consumers may return to search engines for information and end up seeking care elsewhere. Learn more about the elements your find-a-provider needs to drive patient conversion.

A lack of complete and reliable provider data about specialists leads to misdirected referrals and acts as a barrier to patient retention within networks.

What can hospitals & health systems do to build a provider data management foundation?

  1. Establish a centralized provider directory.
  2. Create a provider engagement program.
  3. Develop a provider data governance strategy.
  4. Make provider data accessible to key stakeholders.
  5. Implement an analytics solution for provider network insights.

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