Research shows that a lack of reliable information about specialists leads directly to misdirected referrals – a phenomenon that results in poor patient satisfaction, physician frustration, and inefficiency in provider networks.
We surveyed 100 US-based specialist physicians about referral methodologies at their institutions or practices, their assessments of the clinical suitability of referrals, and perspectives on the potential causes of referral misdirection.

Physician Referral Survey

Key findings from the survey include:
  • 75% of specialists have received at least one “clinically inappropriate” referral in the past year.
  • 8% of all referrals are considered “clinically inappropriate,” which equates to 42 mismatched patients to specialist per year & 19.7 million clinically inappropriate referrals annually nationwide.
  • 87% of physicians believe that referral misdirection happens when there is a lack of reliable information about the specialists.
 Better understand the root of this problem and learn actionable strategies to better engage your provider base and improve referral accuracy.  

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