Providers play a key role in launching online scheduling successfully and it’s essential to engage them proactively in these initiatives. To better understand provider perspectives on consumer self-scheduling and help healthcare leaders effectively garner their support, we surveyed 200 primary care providers (PCPs) and specialists for insights into both their perceived benefits and concerns with online scheduling.

Partnering with Providers to Launch and Expand Online Scheduling-pdf

Key findings include:

  • Over 50% of providers surveyed expressed interest in enabling online scheduling for their patients, with interest even higher among specialists
  • 42% of interested providers identified new patient acquisition as the largest potential benefit to their practices
  • 1/3 of providers overall were concerned about scheduling template standardization and clinical appropriateness of self-scheduled patients

For more insights, including key differences between PCPs and specialist perspectives, and best practices for how to partner with providers, download the white paper.

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