Our Approach

At Kyruus, our goal is to get every patient to the right provider the first time –
and to solve the crippling supply-demand mismatch problem that ails our health care system.

Patients deserve a better access experience than they receive today.

Providers deserve to practice at the top of their licenses.

Health Systems need to achieve true “systemness" to best coordinate care and leverage their clinical assets.

Our mission is to help hospitals and health systems match patients to the right providers in a manner that reflects and enables those three principles. The Kyruus approach to solving these problems follows a set of tenets that differentiates us from the rest:

  • Know thy providers. Your ability to match a patient to the right provider is only as good as your knowledge of who your providers are and what they do. A core competency in provider data management allows us to approach the patient access problem from a data-driven standpoint, through which knowledge of the full “inventory of clinical assets” of a given organization enables real-time resource matching and provider network optimization.

  • Matching is a clinical problem. It’s not just about visit types and appointment templates, nor is it solely about insurance and locations. Patient-provider matching requires detailed knowledge of dozens, if not hundreds, of different situational criteria, many of which have a clinical basis. We assessed the market and found that no clinical lexicon existed to map every possible expression of patients’ clinical needs with the providers best positioned to care for them. So we built it ourselves--and the Kyruus Clinical Library has now helped millions of patients find the right providers.

  • Network optimization relies on knowledge of supply-demand dynamics. Legacy systems only capture static outcomes and struggle to provide a longitudinal view into the paths staff and patients take throughout their journeys. We designed our analytics platform from the ground up to deliver novel insight into both the composition of your provider network and the intentions of patients and referring providers seeking services at your health system.

  • Enable actionability in the form of transactions. Dashboards are great, until you realize they don’t actually solve your problem for you. The ProviderMatch system is an operationally-integrated, transactional engine that enables not just insight, but also action by users. It also recognizes that IT system heterogeneity across your distributed provider networks is the norm, so everything is built in a manner that allows the health system to accomplish its business goals without being constrained by a multi-EHR environment.

  • Health systems should own the patient relationship. At the end of the day, we fundamentally believe in fostering the direct relationship between the health system and its patients. The benefits of that primary engagement in terms of more streamlined services, better access to comprehensive information, and a true understanding of preferences all leads not only to a better experience, but also to better outcomes for patients and better patient retention for health systems.


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