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New Kyruus Report Reveals Critical Patient Experience Gaps in Health System Call Centers

Callcenterpress.png  Over 80% of Call Centers Could Not Book an Appointment During the First Call, Among Other Key Findings

Boston, MA – Kyruus, a leader in provider search and scheduling solutions for health systems, today released findings from a new report titled, Health System Call Center Experience Report: Are Top Health Systems & Hospitals Answering the Call to Provide a Better Patient Experience? The report presents the results from a Kyruus study of 40 leading U.S. hospital and health systems and their ability to match patients with the right providers through their call centers.

Kyruus evaluated call centers for both their ability to find clinically appropriate providers for the patient as well as their ability to accommodate other important logistical needs and preferences (e.g., insurance accepted, location, language, gender, availability). Researchers also assessed call wait times and whether agents were able to book an appointment for the patient during the call - a critical issue for both patient satisfaction and health system demand conversion.

Despite the prominent role that a health system’s call center plays in the patient experience, the study found that most health systems are falling short when it comes to this “front door” of patient access. While 76% did ultimately connect the patient with a live agent, it took almost three minutes on average to do so. Even more troubling, only 58% of call center agents were able to match a patient with a provider during that first interaction and only 18% were able to actually book an appointment for the patient. In those cases where agents were able to identify providers, they frequently did not align well with the patient’s specific needs. For example:

  • 75% of call center agents could not find an available appointment with an appropriate provider within a three-week timeframe.
  • 60% could not match patients with a provider of his/her preferred gender.
  • 50% could not match patients with providers located conveniently for the patient.

“The patient journey often begins with a phone call to a health system, but long-standing patient access barriers prevent health systems from delivering the level of service patients seek at this first step,” noted Graham Gardner, CEO of Kyruus. “Without comprehensive, accessible, and searchable provider directories and enterprise-wide scheduling capabilities, call center agents are unable to match patients with the right providers in real time - despite their best intentions. By putting more emphasis on this ‘front door’ interaction, health systems can position themselves to deliver a positive patient experience from the start.”

To obtain more study findings and related insights on improving the patient experience, download the complete report here.

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