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Stand Out from the Competition with a Modern Digital Presence

Medical groups are constantly working to keep pace with rising competition by finding new ways to attract, convert, and retain patients. Meeting today's consumers where they are—online—requires a modern, user-friendly, digital patient experience. The ProviderMatch patient access platform helps medical groups transform their websites into assets for new patient acquisition, leveraging robust, intuitive provider search and online scheduling capabilities for both new and existing patients. Medical groups can benefit from Kyruus’ experience and best practices gained from helping 70+ leading health systems enhance and scale digital patient access over the past decade.

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Build a Robust and Accurate Provider Directory

Patient access solutions are only as good as the provider data that powers them. The award-winning KyruusOne provider data management solution enables medical groups to consolidate, enrich, and maintain provider data effectively, to help drive successful patient access initiatives with robust and accurate data. With KyruusOne, medical groups can build a consolidated provider directory and publish rich, externally-facing profiles that capture providers’ unique clinical areas of focus alongside other key elements like office locations, appointment availability, insurance accepted, and much more.


Enable a Better Match with a Powerful Search Experience

A 2020 survey of 1,000 healthcare consumers revealed that the internet is the top source people turn to when conducting their own research to find a new provider. With ProviderMatch for Consumers, medical groups can strengthen their online presence, improve SEO, and deliver the modern digital experience consumers are looking for—ultimately helping boost patient acquisition, conversion, and retention. ProviderMatch embeds in a medical group’s website, enabling consumers to run keyword-based searches and then dynamically filter search results to find the best provider for their unique needs.


Improve Demand Conversion with Easy Online Scheduling

Nearly 60% of consumers who prefer online scheduling would switch providers for it. With an intuitive workflow, mobile-first design, and clear calls to action, Kyruus’ online scheduling solutions help convert consumer interest into booked appointments—for office visits, virtual care visits, COVID-19 tests, vaccines, and more. Using ProviderMatch, medical groups can enable consumers to self-schedule appointments via direct integrations with leading EHRs or via Kyruus’ stand-alone appointment management solution.

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Make Data-Driven Decisions with Novel Analytics

ProviderMatch Analytics puts actionable consumer demand analytics at medical group leaders’ fingertips in a way they’ve never been before. By combining website behavior, Google Analytics, and rich appointment activity in one place, medical groups can make data-driven decisions to boost digital patient acquisition. Gain new insights to drive better results—all aggregated clearly and automatically in-app.

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Improve the Patient Experience Further with Kyruus’ Proven Third-Party Integrations

Medical groups can take advantage of Kyruus’ best-in-breed technology partnerships to further enhance their digital presence (e.g., through local listings management), provide useful information (e.g., with integrated patient ratings and reviews), and enable direct scheduling into EHRs.

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Designing Your Find-a-Provider

Looking for best practices on establishing your find-a-provider as the foundation for patient acquisition and retention? Learn what investments to make in all areas of the patient's online journey—from improving acquisition through SEO to converting patients with an action-oriented provider directory—in our free white paper. Plus, review the list of five must-haves for a guide to building your medical group’s own, robust find-a-provider.

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