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Provider Data Management

Our award-winning provider data management platform enables health systems to consolidate, enrich, and maintain provider data effectively.

Accurate patient-provider matching starts with accurate provider data.


Reliable Provider Data: An Industry-Wide Challenge

Challenges building and maintaining accurate provider directories are widespread, leading to a lack of visibility for health systems into who’s in their network, what they do, and schedule capacity. KyruusOne—the award-winning data management platform that powers each of the ProviderMatch applications—makes it easy for health systems to unify, manage, and maintain their provider data, so they can ultimately understand and take steps to improve provider utilization across the network. With KyruusOne, health systems can streamline processes, boost data quality, and drive the success of strategic patient access and provider network initiatives.


Hospital spending goes towards administrative costs


Health systems announced mergers or acquisitions in 2017


Providers lack access to a health system-curated directory

Streamline provider
data management

Through rigorous data cleansing, standardizing, and entity resolution processes, KyruusOne consolidates data from multiple sources and gives health systems a single source of access to their provider data.

Boost quality of
provider data

KyruusOne includes online tools and a proprietary clinical taxonomy to engage providers in the configuration of their profiles, helping boost data accuracy by involving those who know it best.

Drive success of
strategic initiatives

 KyruusOne forms the foundation for effective patient access initiatives not only by ensuring that the data fueling provider searches is accurate, but also by providing complete visibility into provider networks.


Data Processing

KyruusOne continuously ingests multiple data sources and
transforms those disparate inputs into a single provider record, so health
systems have a single source of consolidated provider data. From there, the data is aggregated, cleansed and de-duplicated to form a reconciled provider directory.

Online Profile Management for Providers

ProfileManager, our profile management solution, gives providers an efficient way to configure their initial scopes of practice and manage their profiles long-term. This user-friendly solution drives provider engagement and data accuracy, enabling direct input from those who know their data best.

Profile Manager for pcp

Prior to ProviderMatch, we lacked a single, searchable source of truth on the providers in our network and their areas of expertise, which hindered both call center workflow and patient-provider matching accuracy. Now we have a technology-driven approach to pairing patients with the right providers and a new level of insight into the providers in our network.

- Julie O'Toole, Vice President of Patient Access & Service, Community Health Network

ProviderMatch Administrator provider approvals

ProviderMatch Administrator

This intuitive application enables a single point of access to provider data, so it’s easy for health systems to maintain it. Administrators can log in to manage clinical search settings, access insightful analytics, and review/approve profile update requests providers submit via ProfileManager.

Kyruus Clinical Library

Our physician-curated, proprietary library—with more than 20,000+ search terms & 500+ specialties—fuels ProviderMatch’s smart search engine. The library gives patients the unique flexibility to search based on keywords and lay synonyms, accommodating the way they express their clinical needs.

ProfileManager clinical terms
KyruusOne - Patient Demand Provider Supply.png

Provider Network Optimization Analytics

KyruusOne delivers unprecedented analytics health systems need to optimize their provider networks. Granular clinical configuration, coupled with robust scheduling data, gives health systems a new level of visibility into the composition of their networks so they can better align provider supply with incoming patient demand, leading to optimal utilization of clinical resources.

Hear how KyruusOne helps Providence St. Joseph Health effectively maintain a centralized provider directory and convert consumer demand.

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