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KyruusOne® Provider Data Management Platform

Leverage our industry-defining provider data management platform to centralize, enrich, and easily maintain provider, service, and location data.

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Accurate patient-provider matching
starts with accurate provider data.

Provider Data Management is Fundamental to Patient Access

Healthcare organizations who have yet to invest in a centralized provider data management system are challenged by inefficient manual processes and antiquated technology that hinders their ability to gain a full and accurate view of who's in their network, what they do, and when they have appointment availability.

KyruusOne—the ground-breaking provider, service, and location data management platform that powers the ProviderMatch suite—enables organizations to leverage accurate data and the insights needed to optimize care networks and drive patient access innovation.

Key Benefits

Solution Highlights

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Rigorous Data Processing
& Consolidation

KyruusOne continuously ingests provider data from multiple sources across the organization—EHRs, credentialing systems, marketing databases, and more—and transforms these disparate inputs into a single provider record that serves as a foundational source of truth. From there, KyruusOne aggregates, cleanses, and de-duplicates the data to form a comprehensive, accurate, and up-to-date provider directory.

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Simple Online Profile Management for Providers

Our web-based profile management solution gives providers an easy and efficient way to configure their clinical areas of focus at a detailed level and manage their profiles long-term. This user-friendly solution enables effective provider engagement and drives data accuracy by facilitating direct input from those who know their data best.


After attempts to build their own provider data management system proved to be both time- and labor-intensive, Ochsner Health partnered with Kyruus to build a system-wide provider directory to consolidate existing data and augment it with new clinical insights. Leveraging KyruusOne enabled the organization to streamline ongoing data maintenance and governance drastically, as well as capture providers’ clinical expertise in greater detail using Kyruus’ proprietary clinical taxonomy.


Single Point of Access
to Provider Data

ProviderMatch Administrator, our intuitive web-based application, enables a single point of access to provider data, so it’s easy to manage and maintain complete, accurate provider data, as well as achieve system-wide data governance goals. Administrators can log in to manage clinical search settings, view insightful analytics, and review/approve profile update requests from providers.

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Proprietary Clinical

The Kyruus Clinical Library, our proprietary, physician-curated taxonomy, powers our smart search engine and typeahead. It facilitates patient routing system-wide, so organizations can connect consumers to the the right types of providers (e.g., APP vs. PCP) and care options (e.g., urgent care, virtual care)—and quickly adjust their access models as they implement new offerings or routing protocols.

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KyruusOne analytics screenshot

Powerful In-App

ProviderMatch Analytics, our in-app analytics solution, delivers novel insights to help healthcare leaders optimize patient access enterprise-wide. Pre-built dashboards offer rich, unique data from the Kyruus ProviderMatch® platform and Google Analytics that helps organizations improve patient acquisition, enhance network management, and align network supply and patient demand.

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One Data Source,
Endless Possibilities

The power of high-quality provider and location data goes far beyond matching patients with the right care. With our ProviderMatch Search API, healthcare organizations can leverage the same KyruusOne provider and location data to power robust patient access strategies across digital properties, such as mobile applications, chatbots, custom search, and more. Enriched data from KyruusOne can also be surfaced in search engines like Google, health plan directories, and other health sites to ensure greater consistency and optimize patient-provider matching.

Kyruus - Five Reasons to Prioritize Provider Data Mangement - COVER

Five Reasons to Prioritize Provider Data Management

Find out why leading healthcare organizations believe a robust provider data management system is a fundamental investment that benefits consumers, providers, and the organizations at-large. By creating a reliable repository of provider, service, and location data, organizations can power patient access and experience initiatives, better understand network composition and capacity, and unlock myriad data-driven use cases.

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Kyruus - Five Reasons to Prioritize Provider Data Mangement - COVER

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