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A robust provider data management platform—incorporating both technology and services—that enables health systems to consolidate, enrich, and maintain provider data effectively.

Accurate patient-provider matching starts with accurate provider data.


Reliable Provider Data: An Industry-Wide Challenge

Challenges aggregating and maintaining accurate provider directories are widespread, leading to a lack of visibility for health systems into who’s in their network, what they do, and when they have availability. Even when directories do exist, they are often outdated, incomplete, and/or inconsistent across channels. Without centralized, reliable healthcare provider data, health systems struggle to make data-driven strategic decisions (e.g., network development) and carry out core business processes like staffing and recruitment.

Building a Provider Data Management Foundation

KyruusOne is the underlying platform that powers the ProviderMatch applications. The solution makes it easy for health systems to access and manage consolidated data, allowing them to streamline provider data management, boost the quality of provider data, and drive success of strategic patient access and provider network initiatives.

Streamline provider
data management

Through rigorous data cleansing, standardizing, and entity resolution processes, KyruusOne consolidates data from multiple sources and gives health systems a single source of access to their provider data.

Boost quality of
provider data

KyruusOne not only combines data from multiple sources, but also provides web-based tools to engage providers in configuring their clinical profiles, further driving data accuracy by involving those who know their data best.

Drive success of
strategic initiatives

 KyruusOne forms the foundation for effective patient access initiatives not only by ensuring the data fueling provider searches is accurate, but also by providing critical insight for optimizing integrated provider networks.


Data Processing

KyruusOne continuously ingests multiple data sources and
transforms those disparate inputs into a single provider record, so health
systems have a single source of consolidated provider data. From there, the data is aggregated, cleansed and de-duplicated to form a reconciled provider directory.

Online Profile Management for Providers

ProfileManager, our profile management solution, gives providers an efficient way to configure their initial scopes of practice and manage their profiles long-term. This user-friendly solution drives provider engagement and data accuracy, enabling direct input from those who know their data best.

Profile Manager for pcp
ProviderMatch Administrator provider approvals

ProviderMatch Administrator

This intuitive application enables a single point of access to provider data, so it’s easy for health systems to maintain it. Administrators can log in to manage clinical search settings, access insightful analytics, and review/approve profile update requests providers submit via ProfileManager.

Kyruus Clinical Library

Our physician-curated, proprietary library—with more than 14,000 search terms & 400 specialties—fuels ProviderMatch’s smart search engine. The library gives patients the unique flexibility to search based on keywords and lay synonyms, accommodating the way they express their clinical needs.

ProfileManager clinical terms

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