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Kyruus Reports Significant Growth Through the First Three Quarters of 2014

BOSTON - Oct. 2, 2014 – Kyruus, a leading provider of Patient Access and Referral Management solutions, today reported a record expansion for the nine months that concluded on Sept. 30, 2014. The company noted strong growth propelled by its enterprise cloud-based patient-provider matching solution, Provider Match™, which has been deployed across several nationally renowned health systems, providing access to over 22,000 health care providers and resulting in over 100,000 patients being matched to the most clinically appropriate, soonest available specialist.

ProviderMatch has seen accelerated adoption at key health system clients, facilitated by rapid integration to several EMR and practice management systems to enable the most appropriate scheduling protocols. In addition to helping ensure that patients see the right doctor for their needs, ProviderMatch has dramatically improved hospital schedule densities by enabling more efficient scheduling and accurate matching of patients across vast provider networks. Health systems have also benefited by allowing executives to view overall patient demand for different types of specialties along with the actual supply of doctors that can meet them, thus reducing wait times for patients to see the most clinically appropriate provider.

Kyruus’s third quarter also saw an expansion of its sales, consulting and implementation team with regional coverage in California, Ohio, New York and Texas. The company also announced the formation of its clinical advisory board in late September.

“The success of Kyruus through the first three quarters of 2014 demonstrates the importance our clients place on improving patient care and the patient experience by modernizing patient access through their digital and traditional channels,” said Douglas Kim, Chief Commercial Officer at Kyruus. "We look forward in the next quarter to welcoming two of the largest health systems in the Northeast as Kyruus customers in addition to helping our existing customers to expand their implementations and improve patient care.”

For Kyruus’s final quarter of 2014, the company will continue the discussion of improving patient access and operational efficiency through better patient-provider matching at the Annual Thought Leadership on Access Symposium (ATLAS) on Nov. 19, 2014, at the Ritz Carlton in Boston. Featured keynote speakers include those from renowned institutions such as Steward Health Care Network, Atrius Health, Providence Health and Services, University Hospitals, Harvard Kennedy School of Government and Venrock. Registration is limited. Senior hospital executives who wish to learn more about the event can visit

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Kyruus is an enterprise healthcare provider solutions company that helps health systems optimize their Patient Access, Referral Management and Care Coordination operations. Leveraging the cloud and a proprietary Big Data approach, the company enables the integration of massive amounts of information to create a single source of truth of providers, and customizable protocols for referral and scheduling across all channels of patient engagement that improves patient access and patient experience. To find out how a Better Match = Better Care™, please visit

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