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Are you interested in increasing patient satisfaction, serving more patients through your access center, and improving operational efficiency? Over the past several years, hospitals and health systems have begun to undertake system-wide initiatives to enhance patient access, including moving to a centralized access model.

In this webinar, learn how patient access leaders Lisa Griffin and Pamela Ravare, from nationally-renowned Houston Methodist, implemented new strategies and tools to expand their centralized access operations across a large and complex provider network while simultaneously driving higher levels of patient and provider satisfaction.



Lisa Griffin, MBA, CCCM – Director of Access/ACDM Administrator, Houston Methodist

Lisa Griffin, Director of Access at Houston Methodist has over 30 years  of healthcare experience including 20 years at the Cleveland Clinic. In her various healthcare leadership roles, she has focused on formulating strategies to achieve improvement in service delivery and patient access, as well as drive patient and provider satisfaction. She is currently responsible for business planning, budgeting, resource optimization and performance evaluation of patient access operations.


Pamela Ravare – Director of Staffing and Referral Management Operations, Houston Methodist

Pamela Ravare, Director of Staffing and Referral Management Operations at Houston Methodist, played an instrumental role in the development of a new Referral Management Center at Houston Methodist with an emphasis on improving patient access.  She currently leads strategy, planning, program development, execution, and evaluation of all referral management initiatives for the physician organization.


Sailu Challapalli, MEng, MBA – Vice President, Market Development, Kyruus

Sailu Challapalli, VP of Market Development at Kyruus, is responsible for supporting hospitals and health systems as they assess and optimize patient access. Prior to Kyruus, she spent five years in the Healthcare Systems & Services practice at McKinsey & Company advising academic medical centers and for-profit health systems on a range of strategic and operational issues.

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