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Annual Thought Leadership on Access Symposium

Established in 2013, the Annual Thought Leadership on Access Symposium (ATLAS) is the preeminent patient access conference for leaders from hospitals, health systems, and other healthcare organizations. The Kyruus-hosted conference brings together some of the most forward thinking thought leaders from across the country to share their ideas, approaches, and best practices on transforming patient access and experience. Through thought-provoking presentations, panels, and breakout sessions, attendees lend their voices to this unique community year-on-year through an open exchange of both insights about past patient access initiatives and perspectives on priorities for the path ahead.

About ATLAS 2021

This November, we look forward to coming together again as we continue to navigate the re-emerging world around us and explore our theme of the future of flexibility in healthcare. “The Future is Flexible” centers on fundamental shifts in how patients expect to schedule and obtain care, as well as changes in how health systems themselves operate and innovate. What have recent successes taught us, how can we help each other navigate new challenges, and how are healthcare leaders continuing to build a more flexible and convenient patient experience? From expanding digital self-service and re-engaging patients for in-person care to evolving the role of call centers and paving the path forward for virtual care, ATLAS 2021 offers two-days of discussions focused on envisioning the future of flexible access.

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