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The ProviderMatch™ 
Enterprise-Wide Solution

The combination of our integrated patient access applications and the provider data management solution that powers them delivers a consistent patient experience and accurate data across channels.

The Only Multi-Channel Patient Access Solution

Patients seek care through several different entry points to your health system—including patient call centers, consumer-facing websites, and referring provider offices—so why solve patient access challenges in just one of them? The ProviderMatch platform enables you to optimize access across points of entry with the same provider data appearing in each channel, while enhancing systemness. The result? Consistent information across your enterprise, the right patient-provider matches the first time, and a better patient experience. 

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ProviderMatch for
Access Centers

Our provider search and scheduling solution for access centers helps agents match patients with the right providers, align provider network capacity with patient demand, and enhance operational efficiency.

ProviderMatch for

Our consumer-facing solution embeds in your website to help you boost acquisition and retention by enabling patients to find your health system, identify the right providers, and book appointments directly online.
ProviderMatch for Network Referrals

ProviderMatch for
Network Referrals

Our referral management solution makes it easy for referring providers to see who else is in the network, identify appropriate providers with detailed insight into their clinical expertise, and submit referrals easily.


Provider search and scheduling applications are only as good as the data that powers them. With the KyruusOne provider data management platform, you get accurate provider data, broad visibility into your provider network, and user-friendly applications for ongoing data governance. 

Hear how our multi-channel solution helped one customer enhance the patient experience & increase operational efficiency