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Provider Data and Scheduling Integrations

Leverage our growing partner ecosystem to maximize the impact of your provider data and scheduling solutions in third-party digital channels as well as your own digital properties.

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Activate Your Data and Scheduling Solutions Across Channels

Kyruus’ ProviderMatch Network facilitates data integrations to surface customers’ centralized provider data and scheduling solutions in third-party channels where Kyruus has established strategic relationships.

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Health Plan Directories

Over half of the people searching for care online access a health plan website—and nearly as many start the search there. Together with HealthSparq—our industry-leading healthcare guidance technology division focused on health plans—Kyruus offers frictionless data integration and scheduling experiences that span health system and health plan channels to keep both patients and members connected to in-network care.


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Search Engines

Two-thirds of consumers begin their search for care with a search engine, and what they find there often determines the next step of their journey. That’s why Kyruus partners with leading search engines to enrich organic search listings with important decision-making information and a seamless connection to self-service booking that drives patient acquisition and conversion.

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Listing Management Platforms

Kyruus is able to integrate with a variety of listings management vendors, enabling healthcare organizations to leverage their provider and location data centralized in KyruusOne on over 200 sites across the web to increase accuracy and online presence.

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Leverage Our Partnerships to Enrich Your Digital Find Care Experience

Kyruus’ Partner Ecosystem enables customers to integrate provider data and scheduling into an array of innovative digital solutions offered by a curated list of best-in-class partners.

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Direct Online Scheduling into Leading EHRs

Our integrations with leading EHRs (Epic, Cerner, athenahealth) enable direct online scheduling through Kyruus’ ProviderMatch DirectBook. That means consumers and access center agents can view available appointments and book directly into the EHRs from ProviderMatch, streamlining access and driving demand conversion.

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CRM Platform Integrations

Kyruus maintains integrations with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Salesforce Health Cloud to provide healthcare organizations with a comprehensive CRM, provider search, and appointment scheduling solution that offers next-level support for their access center agents.

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Adaptive Communications Platforms/Virtual Assistants

Hyro, the leading adaptive communications platform for providers, payers, and patients, leverages the accurate and consistent provider and location data in KyruusOne to enrich conversations and enhance the digital patient experience through its AI assistant.

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Patient Portals

Kyruus can embed care search and scheduling capabilities directly into leading patient portals, such as MyChart and Cerner’s Consumer Framework, to boost appointment scheduling efficiency and convenience for consumers.

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Technology Partners and Integrations

Epic App Orchard_light

ProviderMatch DirectBook is a member of the Epic App Orchard.

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ProviderMatch DirectBook is a validated app in the Cerner App Gallery


ProviderMatch DirectBook integrates into athenaOne on the athenahealth Marketplace.

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Embed search and scheduling capabilities within the Cerner Consumer Framework.


Merge search and scheduling capabilities with a robust adaptive communications platform / AI assistant.


Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM integration for access centers. Request a Demo 


Kyruus is a selected partner in the Advanced Patient Scheduling category of Panda’s digital innovations marketplace.

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Salesforce Health Cloud CRM integration for access centers. Request a Demo 

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Connect patients to care and drive engagement through personalized communication streams.

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Facilitate enhancements to providers’ profiles, such as videos and professional statements. 

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Care navigation solution in support of the Veterans Health Administration (VHA).