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As COVID-19 affects communities across the world, “patient access” has come to take on a whole new meaning. Health systems are facing unprecedented pressure to manage an overwhelming influx of urgent needs, while still maintaining access for their communities’ ongoing care needs independent of the virus. Together with our partners we are committed to doing everything we can to help health systems connect patients with the right care, adjust their access models to accommodate evolving dynamics, and make informed decisions to support their various patient populations. As part of this, we have compiled a variety of  resources on COVID-19 below.


To enable human beings to care for other human beings has been the mission of Kyruus since we began this journey almost a decade ago. As our communities and nation face unprecedented and uncertain times, we maintain our steadfast commitment to this goal and doing our part to improve access to care – no matter the circumstances. Learn more

Graham Gardner, MD | CEO of Kyruus

As our CEO, Dr. Graham Gardner, highlighted in his March blog post,  we took three key initial steps to support our customers in the face of COVID-19:

  • Our clinical team proactively updated our clinical taxonomy with terms related to COVID-19, enabling customers to configure provider and location profiles accordingly and route patients effectively online 
  • We waived integration fees for customers wanting to incorporate and link out to virtual care offerings within their find-a-provider, making it easier for consumers to learn about and access virtual visits 
  • We created a LinkedIn community to share updates and enable our customers to connect with each other on patient access strategies around COVID-19

In the weeks since, we've further enhanced our product offerings, deepened our partnerships, and expanded our resources for the health system community. Learn more below and please reach out if we can help.

Clinical Perspectives on COVID-19 and Patient Access

Insights, best practices, and tips from our clinical leaders about how health systems can adjust their patient access models in the face of COVID-19.

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Consumer Search Insights

People across the world have had to adjust their lives in the face of the COVID-19 crisis, but hospitals, health systems, their staff, and the patients turning to them for care have undoubtedly felt the greatest impact. Healthcare organizations face the tough task of not only caring for the influx of patients in their communities needing assessment and care for COVID-19, but also ensuring they effectively facilitate care for patients with non-COVID-related medical needs, such as chronic conditions, mental health, and cancer. 

In March we shared initial trends from consumer searches via our platform, focusing on ways to address the immediate needs of COVID-19 patients, while still maintaining access for those with chronic conditions and other health needs. Keeping track of these trends and using analytics to inform decisions will be important for health systems – both in the short-term and as they look towards recovery – and build access strategies for different patient populations and possible future waves of COVID-19. To support these efforts, our April update provided a fresh look at the data and covered three key findings:

  • Searches for coronavirus peaked in March and are now subsiding
  • Diabetes, pregnancy, and mental health remain among the top consumer search terms
  • Demand for check-ups is rising, especially for gynecological exams and cardiovascular care



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A Platform for Connecting Patients to the Right Care

Our search and scheduling solutions give you the power to facilitate better patient access now and the flexibility to pivot rapidly as circumstances change.

Data Management

Understand your full care network and optimally route patients across it

Rapidly update provider and scheduling information and deploy flexible routing rules with a robust data management platform that’s built on a powerful, ever-evolving clinical taxonomy. With KyruusOne, health systems can:

  • Update provider and location profiles quickly to reflect changing public health needs
  • Tailor routing rules to direct patients to the most appropriate care settings, providers, locations, and other resources
  • Assess supply-demand dynamics across your network to
    inform resource planning and routing

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Digital Access

Triage incoming demand and connect consumers with the right care

Provide relevant, up-to-date information where patients are searching for it; remove complexity for patients determining how, when, and where they can obtain care; and leverage flexible routing and scheduling options for different patient populations. With ProviderMatch for Consumers health systems can:

  • Empower patients with reliable information and help them understand how to obtain care 
  • Surface preferred sites of care and virtual care options within your find-a-provider 
  • Leverage flexible scheduling rules to adjust appointment availability and scheduling options as circumstances evolve 

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Call-Based Access

Set access center agents up for success - wherever they’re physically working

Enable call center staff to assist patients effectively – whether they’re in a physical call center or working remotely – with a search and scheduling solution that’s accessible from any web browser. With ProviderMatch for Access Centers health systems can:

  • Utilize a SaaS-based solution to enable remote agents to match patients with care, book appointments, and log calls 
  • Facilitate centralized patient triage and scheduling – whether that’s for urgent visits, virtual care, and/or longer-term appointments 
  • Leverage built-in patient interaction tracking and CRM integrations to enable continued personalized service and patient outreach

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Solutions from Our Partners

We've always believed we'd have a bigger impact by partnering with other leaders in our industry and that is true now more than ever.

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Empower consumers on your website to navigate to the right resources and care options within a chat-based experience

Discover how
Brandify_ATLAS Sponsor

Ensure consumers find accurate, up-to-date about your providers and locations across the web

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Learn about the other leaders in our partner network and how our integrations can support your goals

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