Connecting Digital Care Navigation Across Payer and Provider Access Channels

While health system and health plan websites are top resources people visit when searching for care online, inconsistency in provider information and scheduling options across them can cause a fragmented patient access journey. What if health systems and health plans could better connect their digital access channels to empower people more in their care decisions and simplify access? Kyruus and HealthSparq recently announced they are joining forces to build these bridges and facilitate novel payer-provider collaboration. Learn how your organization can be part of the next wave of transformation in how people navigate care.

Join us for this live webinar to:

  • Understand trends in how people select providers and how their digital expectations are evolving
  • Identify opportunities for payers and providers to link their digital search and scheduling experiences
  • Obtain insights on new ways to foster interoperability and cohesion in your digital technology stack

Featured Speakers

Graham Gardner-1 

Graham Gardner, MD, CEO,

Screen Shot 2021-02-18 at 3 (4) 

Chris Gervais, Chief Technology Officer,

Graham Gardner-1 

Mark Menton, CEO,

Chris Gervais-1

Matt Parker, Vice President of Product,

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