When the marketing and access leaders of Community Health Network, a highly integrated non-profit health system in Indiana, joined forces to develop an integrated patient access strategy, they identified two key challenges to overcome: inconsistency in the patient experience across access points and lack of visibility into providers in the network for agents scheduling patients in the call center. The health system also sought to modernize the online experience it offered patients and facilitate better patient-provider matching to enhance both patient and provider satisfaction.


Learn how partnering with Kyruus on a multi-channel patient access strategy helped CHN:

  • Unify the patient experience & enhance patient-provider matching across channels
  • Scale its centralized call center effectively while improving efficiency by 20%
  • Modernize the online patient experience & achieve 60% growth in provider searches

Our greatest challenge was in connecting patients to care. A patient’s experience was variable depending on location, practice, or access point. ProviderMatch enabled us to coordinate care, uncover provider capacity, and meet patient preferences in a single contact.

- Julie O’Toole, VP of Access & Service

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