Health systems are increasingly centralizing their patient access functions in order to provide a streamlined and consistent “front door” experience for their patients and referring providers. However, moving to and optimizing a centralized model requires thorough planning, stakeholder engagement, and monitoring to ensure the transition produces a win-win for health systems and their patients.

In this webinar, the final installment of our three-part series about centralizing access, Dr. Nancy Gagliano, Chief Medical Officer at Culbert Healthcare Solutions, and Dr. Erin Jospe, Chief Medical Officer at Kyruus, share insights about the change management efforts necessary to enlist the support of providers prior to, during, and after the process of centralizing access.

You’ll learn:
  • The pivotal role that key physician leadership plays in a successful transition to centralized access
  • When and how to begin communicating with and engaging physician stakeholders
  • Recommendations for gaining physician alignment around scheduling, referral processes, and care coordination through a central call center

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Dr. Nancy Gagliano

Dr. Nancy Gagliano 

Chief Medical Officer, Culbert Healthcare Solutions

Dr. Gagliano brings more than 25 years of clinical and leadership experience to Culbert. Before joining Culbert, Dr. Gagliano served as senior vice president of CVS Health and as Chief Medical Officer of MinuteClinic, CVS Caremark. In these roles, she led operations, physician management, footprint expansion, health system affiliations, as well as innovation of new services including telehealth. Prior to this, she served as senior vice president of Practice Improvement at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH)/Massachusetts General Physicians Organization (MGPO), where she was responsible for improving patient access, clinical quality and operational efficiency for MGH’s 400 medical practices. As a physician leader she led efforts to enhance physician productivity, maximize use of the EHR, and develop leadership talent. Dr. Gagliano completed her MD from Harvard Medical School, MBA from Northeastern University and BS from Union College.

Erin Jospe

Dr. Erin Jospe

Chief Medical Officer, Kyruus

Erin Jospe is the Chief Medical Officer of Kyruus, a leader in provider search and scheduling solutions for health systems. Prior to joining Kyruus, Erin was the Chief Medical Officer at PatientKeeper, an electronic health record overlay solution providing a complete electronic clinical workflow for physicians on both desktop and mobile devices. Erin is board certified in internal medicine, and has remained clinically active with over 15 years of experience as a practicing internist. She has practiced at Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates and the Affiliated Practice Group of Beth Israel Deaconess in Boston, and served as the Assistant Medical Director of Quality and Safety at Atrius Health. She earned her BA in English at Haverford College, her MD from The Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, and completed her clinical training in internal medicine at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and Harvard Medical School.

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