Health systems are increasingly centralizing their patient access functions in order to provide a streamlined and consistent “front door” experience for their patients and referring providers. However, moving to and optimizing a centralized access model requires thorough planning, stakeholder engagement, and monitoring to ensure the transition produces a win-win for health systems and their patients.

In this webinar, part one of a three-part series, Johanna Epstein, VP of Management Consulting at Culbert Healthcare Solutions, and Sailu Challapalli, VP of Market Development at Kyruus, take you through the journey that an organization embarks upon when centralizing – from deciding to centralize to implementing the new model, exploring key design considerations along the way.

You’ll learn:
  • How to determine the scope and phasing of services offered
  • Key operational and technology infrastructure components
  • Best practices for measuring access center performance

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Johanna Epstein

Johanna Epstein 

VP, Management Consulting, Culbert Healthcare Solutions

Johanna has more than 25 years of experience managing operations in large, academic healthcare settings. Her background includes managing multi-specialty physician group practices to include the development of network expansion and growth strategy, standardization of business processes, and patient engagement initiatives such as the design and development of large scale patient access centers and the creation of centralized hospital and physician revenue cycle infrastructures. While at Culbert Healthcare Solutions, Johanna has worked with a number of clients to implement Patient Access Centers in conjunction with enterprise-wide changes in clinical and revenue cycle technologies.

Sailu Challapalli

Sailu Challapalli

VP, Market Development, Kyruus

Sailu Challapalli joined Kyruus in 2014. Her main responsibilities include assessing and supporting patient access at client healthcare delivery organizations. Prior to Kyruus, Sailu spent five years at McKinsey & Company working in its Healthcare Systems and Services practice, advising hospitals & health systems on a broad range of strategic and operational issues, including physician alignment, patient access, service line growth, partnerships, and acquisitions. Previously, Sailu served as the Director for Transplantation at Columbia University Medical Center, where she led transformative efforts for the transplant outpatient center.

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