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Call Center Patient Experience Blog Series: The Impact of Outdated Provider Directories on Patient Access

As we explored in an earlier blog, hospitals and health systems are struggling to deliver a great patient experience through their call centers  often the “front door” to their organization  due in large part to barriers to patient access. Over the course of a three post series, we’ll explore some of these top barriers and how they impede a positive patient experience: outdated provider directories, lack of patient-provider matching capabilities, and insight into provider availability.

Provider Directories & Patient Access

While demand for online self-service capabilities continues to rise, many patients still connect with a health system the old-fashioned way – over the phone. However, access centers frequently lack the resources to provide an effective, high-touch patient experience. In fact, our recent secret shopper report found that 82% of call centers were unable to book an appointment directly over the phone during the initial interaction. That’s not just a major barrier to patient access, it also means that most call centers are not equipped to deliver a call center experience that ends with a booked appointment, a big problem for converting demand and retaining patients in increasingly competitive markets.

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Three Elements Your Find-a-Doc Needs to Drive Patient Conversion

64%. That’s the share of patients Accenture says will use self-scheduling online by 2019. This underscores the critical role your find-a-doc site plays in attracting online consumers and converting their demand to booked appointments. Despite health systems nationwide prioritizing patient experience and patient access, many are still falling short in being able to match patients with the right providers through their provider finder sites. As a starting point for evaluating your organization’s find-a-doc, consider how it fares when it comes to the three key elements below:

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