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From Online Consumers to In-Office Patients: The Rise of Digital Marketing in Healthcare

Historically, healthcare providers have relied heavily on word of mouth to attract new patients. In many ways, this channel is still reliable as 50% of consumers report “friends and family” as their top resource for researching providers. But study after study has shown that healthcare consumers are spending more time online—from patient portals, to online appointment scheduling and health data tracking on mobile apps. Even when they do consult family members about a provider, many still go online to exercise due diligence, so it’s critical for health systems to differentiate themselves online.

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Julie Yoo on ATLAS, Patient Access, and the Consumerism of Healthcare


Last week ReviveHealth, experts on health system strategy and marketing, invited Kyruus co-founder and chief product officer, Julie Yoo, to join them on their podcast "Healthcare Marketing Underground." The group chatted about our upcoming ATLAS conference, which will be held in Boston next week, October 27 & 28, and other important topics such as the clinical impact of patient access, trends in the consumerization of healthcare, and how hospitals should be engaging patients in the digital space. During the episode, co-host and ATLAS 2015 Speaker, Chris Boyer, also gave a preview of his upcoming talk at ATLAS that is centered on consumerism and how it continues to affect healthcare organizations. 

Here are our Top 3 takeaways from the episode:

Topics: ATLAS patient experience Patient Engagement Healthcare Consumerism