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The Patient Access Paradox

Why is that we as patients are told to wait weeks, if not months, to see a physician, when in fact many provider organizations are only operating at 50-60% capacity?

Our nation's healthcare system suffers from a mismatch between patient demand and provider supply, something that we refer to as the "Patient Access Paradox". Almost everyone has had a personal experience with the problem of long appointment wait times, which range between 3 and 30 weeks across the country for both primary and specialist care. Yet at the same time, our hospital clients experience as low as 50-60% physician productivity, struggling to "unlock" the capacity that is buried somewhere in their provider networks.

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Engaging Patients Through Appointment Request Forms: How Much is Too Much?

An analysis of leading health systems’ appointment request forms.

Many health systems allow patients to submit electronic physician appointment requests from their online web and mobile applications. Online appointment request forms can be an effective way to generate leads and attract patients to your organization’s services.

However, form abandonment is a significant risk that could prevent patients with legitimate clinical needs from getting the services they need from your organization. 

 Factors that are frequently cited as drivers of form abandonment include:

  • Length of form– will the user be intimidated by a long list of wordy questions?
  • Sensitivity of information being requested– is the information too personal?
  • Credibility of website– does the website look secure?
  • Surprises or irrelevant information– will the user be surprised or turned off by requests for information that seem irrelevant to the core purpose of the form?
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