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Lessons Learned From A Dizzying Doctor Search

One day during my medical internship, I received a call that sent our family on a rollercoaster ride of emotion. My aunt Mary had just received the results of a mammogram. The results pointed to breast cancer with a high suspicion of malignancy. Mary's primary physician told her to schedule a follow-up with a breast surgeon immediately so Mary got an appointment, but not until two weeks later.

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The Complexities and Classifications of Patient Access Discussed at ATLAS 2014

“Healthcare is different. It is one of the only industries that actively cares about the well-being of the consumers who cannot afford it - the patients.” This was one of the many inspiring statements shared at our inaugural Annual Thought Leadership on Access Symposium, and it points to the crux of the patient access issue: patients are the center of healthcare and they must be able to access the care they need, whenever they need it.

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Pinkwashing Patient Access for Change

By now you may have noticed the array of pink ribbons that seem to surround you – from the strategic placement on the label of the products we frequently purchase to the window displays that decorate our local storefronts. Even NFL players are peppering the gridiron with pink gloves and cleats.

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The Cutting Room Floor: Doctor "Abridgement" and How to Fix It

I've been a fan of audiobooks for quite a long time, since the days when publishers preferred to publish abridged versions of books. That practice drove me absolutely crazy. I wanted to hear the whole book, but a publisher explained to me at one point that customers wouldn’t like the bulk and expense of all the cassette tapes needed for such a product. I could see their point, and yet I didn’t think they were looking at the big picture.

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A Patient A Day Keeps the Doctor In Play

[Originally posted on O'Reilly Strata Blog]

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Conflict-of-interest (COI) Policies: Drawing Some Lines in the Sand

As healthcare’s regulatory landscape continues to change in unprecedented ways, significant financial interests and potential commercial conflicts held by physicians are garnering much attention and scrutiny. A recent Wall Street Journal article underscored the significance of potential reputational risk of physician-industry relationships by detailing the payments made by GlaxoSmithKline to a high-profile celebrity doctor that surfaced as the result of the recent record-setting settlement with the DOJ. In addition, the DOJ has stepped up its scrutiny of medical device implantations due to concerns of over-utilization and medical necessity, and the surgeons performing those cases may have significant relationships with the manufacturers of those products – oftentimes for very good reasons (collaboration to invent new products and conduct innovative clinical trials), but sometimes under-managed, nonetheless.

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Marketing a Startup

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