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The Chief Experience Officer and Getting Hospitals Back to Basics

Growing up, I remember harboring a strong “Rockwellian” view of the practice of medicine. Doctors – all white coats and stethoscopes – spending long appointments talking to patients, uncovering needs, and connecting on both a clinical and personal level. Any casual observer of healthcare today – patients and providers alike – can probably agree that we’ve strayed a bit from this ideal as providers are spending more time dealing with issues outside of their relationships with patients.

This dynamic, and the desire to return to healthcare’s more interpersonal roots, has precipitated the rise of the Chief Experience Officer or “CXO” – an executive role tasked specifically with aligning quality, safety, performance, and satisfaction across provider organizations.

A new study by Vocera’s Experience Innovation Network division details some of key priorities of this critical position, specifically, a focus on patient access, technology, and unified experiences as enablers of a heightened experience for patients: 

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