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What to Expect at ATLAS 2017 - Top 5 Reasons to Register Now

The Annual Thought Leadership on Access Symposium (ATLAS) is a conference for healthcare executives and thought leaders to meet and exchange best practices on improving the patient experience. Through engaging presentations, panels, and networking events, attendees have the opportunity to gain powerful insights to take back to their organizations about enhancing patient access, care coordination, provider network management, digital engagement, and more.

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Annual Thought Leadership on Access Symposium (ATLAS): Six Reasons to Attend

We know the common pain points around attending conferences: staggering registration fees, taking time off work, a lack of actionable session content, and a maze of vendors clamoring to give you yet another trinket in return for a few minutes of your valuable time.

When we first launched ATLAS in 2014, we dared to be different by hosting a conference where health leaders could discuss how critical patient access has become to their organizations' patient acquisition, patient retention, care coordination, provider network alignment strategies, and more. With ATLAS now in its third year, we’ve learned the value of the event from attendees, speakers, and panelists. Based on their feedback, here’s a list of six reasons why you should attend ATLAS 2016:

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Tactics for Uncovering and Understanding Patient Behavior

An Annual Thought Leadership in Access Symposium (ATLAS) Report Out 

On October 27-28, 85 executives from some of the leading health systems gathered at the Annual Thought Leadership on Access Symposium (ATLAS) to share best practices and learn the latest advancements in patient access, provider data management, and clinician engagement. Day 2 featured a rich line-up of thought leaders on consumer-centered healthcare delivery, and several presenters referenced the latest consumer behavior research, The Consumer’s Path to Finding a Healthcare Provider, in illustrating how digital health strategies can enhance patient experience and access.

John Englehart, CMO at Hospital for Special Surgery, and Chris Boyer, SVP of digital and creative at ReviveHealth, sat down for a discussion on enhancing engagement. The veteran marketing leaders agreed that regardless of patients’ motivations or priorities, they are taking an increasingly active role in managing their healthcare and hospitals must serve their appetite for information and equip them with tools to simplify the physician search process.

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ATLAS Pathfinders: Spotlight on Kim Nicholson of Providence Health & Services

After our success ATLAS event, we will continue to feature patient access and experience-related posts from some of the thought leaders and contributers to this year's content. 

This week we're spotlighting Kim Nicholson, Chief Operating Officer, Clinical Program Services at Providence Health & Services, our client and a speaker at last month's ATLAS Conference.

At Providence Health & Services, Kim brings great experience from her roles at Swedish Health Services as Vice President for Patient Access and Service Line and in the Strategic Planning and Project Management division.  Specifically she oversaw the Swedish Heart and Vascular Institute, which includes strategic/capital planning and program implementation. This role spanned across the Swedish system and also included working within the larger Swedish-Providence affiliation groups within Clinical Program Services. Nicholson also worked within Patient Access and created the first in-sourced “Access Center” where patients and referring physicians can have a concierge-like experience getting into see a provider at Swedish.

During her panel, "Personalizing Patient Access: Finding the right provider beyond a web-search",  Kim and her colleague, Karen SrourDirector, Patient Engagement Center Operations & Services, addressed how Swedish Medical Center has transformed the patient access center to create a uniquely personal experience while simultaneously doubling their conversion of inbound requests to actionable encounters. This strategy is now seen as  “best practice” for Providence Health and Services and will be implemented system-wide to ensure a consistent and predictable experience for the entire health system.

To follow-up from this great discussion, we've asked Kim 10 questions about patient access, the future of healthcare, and herself.

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Challenging Volume as a Proxy for Quality: Is It the Best We Have?

In late October, nearly a hundred clinicians and health executives met in Boston for our ATLAS conference to discuss – amongst other key issues in healthcare – the imperatives behind better matching between patients and providers. One of the resounding takeaways was that matching is an immensely complex problem fraught with clinical, operational, and political implications that must be carefully considered – all of which are captured in Dr. Anand’s blog post below. 

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Julie Yoo on ATLAS, Patient Access, and the Consumerism of Healthcare

Last week ReviveHealth, experts on health system strategy and marketing, invited Kyruus co-founder and chief product officer, Julie Yoo, to join them on their podcast "Healthcare Marketing Underground." The group chatted about our upcoming ATLAS conference, which will be held in Boston next week, October 27 & 28, and other important topics such as the clinical impact of patient access, trends in the consumerization of healthcare, and how hospitals should be engaging patients in the digital space. During the episode, co-host and ATLAS 2015 Speaker, Chris Boyer, also gave a preview of his upcoming talk at ATLAS that is centered on consumerism and how it continues to affect healthcare organizations. 

Here are our Top 3 takeaways from the episode:

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ATLAS Pathfinders: Spotlight on Jay York of Springfield Clinic

In the weeks leading up to our second annual ATLAS event, we will feature patient access and experience-related posts from some of the thought leaders and contributers to this year's content. 

This week we spotlight Jay York, Chief Operating Officer at Springfield Clinic, and panelist at our upcoming ATLAS conference. 

As the Chief Operating Officer for Springfield Clinic, a large physician owned enterprise with approximately $500M in revenue, Jay has responsibility for all of the physician operations, satellite locations, patient access center, and facilities management.

During his panel, "Executive Strategies for Access & Network Alignment", Jay and other executive leaders from prominent healthcare systems will address how they're each deploying specific strategies across the areas of patient access, population health, and network optimization to navigate the transition from volume to value.

To prepare for an impactful panel session at ATLAS, we asked Jay ten questions about his thoughts on patient access, the future of healthcare, and himself. 

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ATLAS Pathfinders: Spotlight on John Englehart of Hospital for Special Surgery

In the weeks leading up to our second annual ATLAS event, we will feature patient access and experience-related posts from some of the thought leaders and contributors to this year's content. 

This week we spotlight John Englehart, Chief Marketing Officer at Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS), a world leader in orthopedics, rheumatology and rehabilitation. HSS is nationally ranked #1 in orthopedics, #3 in rheumatology and #7 in geriatrics by U.S. News & World Report. 

A revered marketing expert, John spent the first 20 years of his career at Ogilvy & Mather and other marketing firms, including 10 years based in Asia and five in Europe managing offices, regions, and service to a variety of prominent brands.  As President of an Omnicom-owned innovation firm, he originated the ‘Tribute in Light’ 9-11 memorial in New York City on behalf of Consolidated Edison, the electric utility company. 

During his session at ATLAS, "Reverent Irreverence: A Brand Experiment in Transforming Access",  John will explain how HSS successfully adopted a different, consumer-focused path to build preference and access by borrowing non-obvious lessons from brands as varied as American Express and Pepsi, evolving its brand from "what it does" to "what it means", and harnessing affinity and technology in unprecedented ways to build competitive advantage.

To get our attendees prepared for the tremendous marketing insight John will bring to ATLAS, we asked John 10 questions on how a health system's successful digital strategy translates into improved patient access, greater patient experiences, and ultimately - better care. 

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ATLAS Pathfinders: Spotlight on J.D. Whitlock of Mercy Health

In the weeks leading up to our second annual ATLAS event, we will feature patient access and experience-related posts from some of the thought leaders and contributors to this year's content. 

This week, we spotlight J.D. Whitlock, Vice President of Clinical & Business Intelligence at Mercy Health, a $4B Integrated Delivery System headquartered in Cincinnati.

At Mercy, J.D. provides strategic and technical direction for Mercy Health’s Population Health analytics, EHR analytics, and Enterprise Data Warehousing initiatives. Previously he worked in the Military Health System in a variety of roles: both operational & technical, provider & health plan, domestic & overseas. He holds a Masters of Public Health from UCLA, and an MBA in Management of Information Systems from the University of Georgia.

During his session, J.D. will address the perceived need for a better access strategy at Mercy health, and the culture, processes, and technologies that are required to make better patient experience a part of everyday operations.

In the meantime, we asked J.D. 10 questions about patient access, the state of health system operations, and himself. Here's what he had to say: 

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