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Docs in Translation: How Clinical Fluency and Volumes Affect Outcomes

This post was written by Dr. Lara Terry, Kyruus' Medical Director

Rapidly advancing technology is enabling the production and consumption of healthcare data in a way not previously possible. With so much at stake in medicine, can Big Data help us decide on the “right” doctor to meet our medical needs?

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Kyruus to speak at Hospital & Physician Relations Conference with Dr. Michael Nochomovitz of University Hospitals

Oct 13-15: Hospital & Physicians Relations Summit (Scottsdale, AZ)
Kyruus Chief Product Officer, Julie Yoo, to speak with Dr. Michael Nochomovitz, President of University Hospitals Physician Services, on "Bridging Patients & Physicians With Big Data"

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The Explosion Of Data

Few need to be convinced that we live in a world today that is increasingly tracking, measuring and monitoring a broad spectrum of activities. This point was illustrated in a McKinsey report I read recently titled, "Big data: The next frontier for innovation, competition, and productivity". The introduction summarizes nicely why the amount of data is growing exponentially and how that can be a good thing for capturing value.

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