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By: Genny Gordon on August 26th, 2019

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Putting Providers at the Forefront of Access: Learnings from Prisma Health

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With consumers increasingly turning to the web to search for care, enhancing their digital presence is a key priority for many health systems. This was particularly important for newly-formed Prisma Health (formerly Greenville Health System and Palmetto Health), who, though not new to healthcare, was a new brand to consumers. On our recent webinar, “Putting Providers at the Forefront of Access,” Prisma Chief Digital Officer, Dr. Nick Patel, spoke with Kyruus CEO and Co-Founder, Dr. Graham Gardner, about their initiative to transform patient access online and how they engaged providers in the process.

As both IT leaders and providers themselves, the two share a unique perspective on the challenges healthcare executives face around data management, as well as the desires of providers to be more involved in their organizations' digital access strategies. This perspective is one that is important to share, as recent research shows that 91% of providers want to be more involved in creating and maintaining their find-a-provider profile, but only half are involved today.1 

To ensure the success of their digital initiative, Dr. Patel and the Prisma leadership team engaged providers from the start. In the process, the new organization learned a lot about who they are, their data, and how to drive organizational alignment. Here are four key lessons from their journey:

  • Data Connectivity is Key. You can have a flashy mobile app or a brand new website design, but what really matters to consumers is connecting those experiences with consistent data. As Prisma’s CDO, Dr. Patel is focused on creating the connected digital experience consumers expect, meaning that data sources cannot be siloed. When tasked with creating a new provider directory, he urged the organization to consider their tech ecosystem, how data flows between various systems, and explore new opportunities to link them together to streamline the patient journey.


  • Don’t Forget the Human Aspect of Data Management. As Prisma combined two health systems (and multiple data sources) into one, the data cleansing process not only forced conversations about data quality, but also about the larger role of data in patient access. The process made clinical stakeholders and organizational leaders think critically about how provider data could expand – or in some cases, limit – patient access. For example, they debated what constituted fluency in a second language, as well as what the criteria was for displaying whether or not a provider accepted new patients.


  • Consumerism Doesn’t Have to Be at Providers’ Expense. Data management – and the technology associated with it – shouldn’t contribute to provider burnout. For Prisma, their clinical governance committee, comprised of leaders from across service lines, was an important vehicle for ensuring providers had a voice as the organization went through the exercise of revamping their find-a-provider. By hearing out provider concerns, Dr. Patel noted, they were able to acknowledge and effectively address sticking points, such as the review process for patient ratings and reviews, leading to greater acceptance and alignment.


  • Give Every Provider an Opportunity to Showcase Themselves. Credentialing and scheduling data will only get you so far, to truly understand your provider data, you need to engage those who know it best: the providers themselves. This was an important part of Prisma’s process, especially as it relates to ensuring data accuracy and showcasing the diversity of providers within network. As Dr. Gardner explained with his “Moneyball” analogy, in order to put providers “up to bat” with the right patients, health systems need to both understand their providers’ clinical expertise, as well as give them an opportunity to highlight who they are (e.g. bios, videos, etc.). 


Missed the webinar? Catch the entire conversation on-demand now!

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