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By: Genny Gordon on February 15th, 2019

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Baystate Health's Story: Personalizing the Patient Experience by Engaging the Right Stakeholders

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In recent years, patient experience has transformed from an industry buzzword to a serious initiative for many of the country’s leading health systems. Why? As patients become savvy consumers and their options for care expand, they are prioritizing things like experience and quality of care and are willing to switch organizations to get it. In fact, a new Press Ganey report revealed that patient experience is 5x more effective than marketing tactics at driving patient loyalty.1

And with competition rising from other health systems, as well as non-traditional players (e.g. retail and urgent care clinics), organizations can no longer passively market their services or solely rely on a strong brand image to attract new patients. Instead, they should consider the role experience, moreover a personalized one, can play in helping to differentiate their care and bring their overall mission to life.

For Baystate Health, the largest health system in western Massachusetts, delivering on their commitment to serve their community started with investing in patient access initiatives to better match patients and providers. To achieve an ideal patient experience, Baystate decided to unite three key stakeholders:

  • Providers: As Baystate expanded throughout western New England, they found it difficult to understand the composition of their network. To gain visibility into their expanding system of over 1,900 providers, Baystate leveraged ProviderMatch’s provider engagement tool to enlist providers’ help in the creation of a robust provider directory. By completing their profiles, providers allowed Baystate to understand their unique areas of clinical focus, laying the foundation for more personalized care through enhanced patient-provider matching.

  • Access Centers: As the first point of contact for many consumers searching for care, access centers have the ability to set the tone for a patient’s entire relationship with an organization. Using Baystate’s new directory, agents could now easily take into account a caller’s personal preferences, like distance from home and availability, and quickly search within the network to find the right match, improving patient experience and producing stronger call outcomes.

  • Marketing Team: By surfacing their comprehensive provider directory on their website as well, Baystate’s marketing team was able to not only improve acquisition, but also empower consumers to find the right provider for their unique needs. Weighing key criteria, such as insurances accepted, and applying filters to narrow results, consumers could now design their search experience around their own needs. The result? Increased engagement online and 2x increase in appointment requests.

To learn more about how Baystate Health leveraged centralized provider data to better serve their community, download the full case study.

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