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PEAPod Presents: John Englehart, HSS, and the Patient Experience

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The Patient Experience and Access Podcast (or as we call it here, PEAPod) is back and packed with more action! We want to thank everyone who gave our first episode featuring Michael Ruiz, VP and Chief Digital Officer at MedStar Health, a listen. The feedback has been great, and we're excited to keep cranking out episodes that reveal the exciting initiatives at some of the country's leading health systems to improve patient access.

For our second episode, we were honored to chat with John Englehart, Chief Marketing Officer at Hospital for Special Surgery in New York. HSS has recently been named the top hospital for orthopedics in the country by U.S. News World & Report Best Hospitals Survey for the seventh consecutive year, and has also grabbed the #2 spot for rheumatology.

In our half hour together, we talked to John about his transition from the "mad men" world of working for an internationally renowned advertising agency to leading a spectacular and unique brand that is Hospital for Special Surgery. We also chatted about what HSS is doing to enhance the patient experience, their spectacular "Back in the Game" campaign, and the future of patient access in healthcare. 

We hope you enjoy this new episode with John, and be sure to subscribe to PEAPod via the iTunes store HERE to catch our new episodes as they're released.

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