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Kyruus to Speak at Mass Health Data Consortium on the Patient Access Paradox

Kent Siri, Kyruus' Director of Market Solutions, will present at the Mass Health Data Consortium on the topic of the "Patient Access Paradox". The presentation will be hosted by the Mass Health Data Consortium -- a non-profit organization which fosters collaboration between its membership on the most pressing healthcare issues of the day.

The discussion will be held at 9am EST on Wednesday, February 12th, 2014 at the Massachusetts Health Data Consortium, located at 460 Totten Pond Rd, Suite 690, Waltham, MA. Mr. Siri will speak about the nationwide imbalance between patient demand and physician supply - an issue that will only accelerate in the next several years. Months-long appointment wait times for patients seeking care are often blamed on a shortage of physicians to handle that demand; and yet, upon further inspection of physician productivity metrics, many hospitals and health systems are surprisingly operating at 50-60% capacity. In this presentation, Kyruus will investigate the underlying causes of this operational contradiction and propose solutions for fixing the Patient Access Paradox.

Topics: Patient Access