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Kyruus CTO, Vinay Seth Mohta, to speak at StrataRx

"Are you Visiting the Right Doctor?

Vinay Seth Mohta, Chief Technology Officer, Kyruus
2:30pm Thursday, 09/26/2013
Patient Engagement; Salon G

Every second, 30 patients see a physician that has significantly less direct experience with their diagnosis than another doctor in the same exact geographic location. Further, of the over 100 million specialist referrals that occur every year, about 30% are considered clinically inappropriate, and a significant proportion of those cases entail patients being sent to the wrong “type” of specialist.

As increasing volumes of data on physician practice styles begin to appear, to what extent can and should physician choice become data driven? We’ll show how individuals can gain a data-driven view of the clinical expertise of their physicians, and run through case studies for specific procedures where the data-driven view can substantially improve outcomes and cost.

Topics: Referral Management Healthcare Conferences Analytics Patient Access