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Julie Yoo on ATLAS, Patient Access, and the Consumerism of Healthcare

Last week ReviveHealth, experts on health system strategy and marketing, invited Kyruus co-founder and chief product officer, Julie Yoo, to join them on their podcast "Healthcare Marketing Underground." The group chatted about our upcoming ATLAS conference, which will be held in Boston next week, October 27 & 28, and other important topics such as the clinical impact of patient access, trends in the consumerization of healthcare, and how hospitals should be engaging patients in the digital space. During the episode, co-host and ATLAS 2015 Speaker, Chris Boyer, also gave a preview of his upcoming talk at ATLAS that is centered on consumerism and how it continues to affect healthcare organizations. 

Here are our Top 3 takeaways from the episode:

1. When it comes to consumer experience, healthcare is behind, but dedicated healthcare IT companies are helping them catch up. 

It's no secret that healthcare suffers from a lag in adopting modern technology, especially in comparison to other industries. However, we strongly believe that healthcare doesn't have to stay off the podium for long - all thanks to the great minds and companies at work to solve this lingering disparity. At Kyruus, we've assembled the most talented and innovative minds in the practice of medicine, product development, data sciences, engineering, and customer insights to solve healthcare's most meaningful problems. Provider organizations should be open to engaging companies like Kyruus and leverage best-in-class technology to optimize their own processes. 

2. Ready or not, consumerism in healthcare is here.

Another way that healthcare can make strides to match the level of service of other industries is to embrace growing trend of consumerism. Today's healthcare systems serve diverse patient populations that include a vast spectrum of demographics, technological capabilities, and access preferences. Thus, to maximize patient satisfaction and elevate experience, provider organizations must invest in strategies and techologies that span the various access channels and modalities that patients currently leverage.  

3. Attend ATLAS 2015 to learn the best practices from experts of everything patient access, experience and engagement. 

We can barely contain our excitement as ATLAS quickly approaches! Due to the success of last year's inaugural ATLAS event, we have doubled the content and expanded the event to two days. This year’s event will feature three major themes: the clinical, strategic, and financial imperatives behind patient access, how to develop boots-on-the-ground strategies for access, and the rapid consumerization of healthcare and its effects on patient access and engagement strategies. When health leaders from across the country assemble to tackle these critical themes in a transparent and actionable way - by sharing best practices and real strategies for change - attendees will walk away with a credible playbook on how to improve their health system's patient access operations.

 Want to learn more about consumerism in healthcare? Download our recent whitepaper to gain more insight on consumer behavior, preferences, and pain points when seeking for care.

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