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How Hospital for Special Surgery Positions its Referral Center to Unlock Access & Boost Patient Satisfaction

Patient engagement and experience are top of mind for health system leaders. As healthcare consumers increasingly demand efficient and personalized care, the pressure on health systems increases to engage with patients in new ways. Impact Advisors recently reported that more than 80% of CIOs view improving patient engagement and experience as a chief goal1, underscoring the growing recognition among industry leaders of the critical need to compete on convenience and access to care.

The growing priority of patient-centric care requires enhancing not only the inpatient experience, but also the full patient journey, starting with access at the point of scheduling an appointment. The responsibility for this first interaction typically falls to a health system’s access center, whose agents may or may not be equipped to provide an exceptional patient access experience. Often agents are tied up searching in multiple databases for provider information that they can't always trust, unable to focus fully on the patient on the phone. In some cases, this disjointed process makes it difficult for agents to integrate patient preferences like location or language into the referral, and in others, it can lead to an inappropriate clinical match.

Access to comprehensive, detailed provider information is especially critical for highly-specialized health systems such as Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS), whose mission is to help patients with complex surgical needs in orthopedics and rheumatology. Surgical care poses unique challenges to patient engagement because it involves a high-touch patient experience and precise matching. World-renowned HSS boasts a Net Promoter Score of 94%, reflecting its commitment to the patient experience. To maintain this focus on the patient while helping them navigate their highly specialized provider base, HSS needed tools to ensure patients are scheduled to receive the correct level of care, conveniently and efficiently.

By leveraging ProviderMatch in their centralized referral center, HSS was able to achieve a: 
  • 95% decrease in agent onboarding time
  • 20% increase in provider profiles managed
  • 7x increase in provider engagement

To learn more about HSS’s journey to scale access operations and enhance patient access, download the case study.

1 Healthcare IT News. Top 3 CIO priorities? Patient Experience, IT Cost Containment, Innovation, 2018.

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