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New Report: Health System and Hospital Call Centers Face Gaps in Patient-Provider Matching

Patient experience is quickly becoming a top priority for health systems across the country. For many patients, the experience begins with a phone call to schedule an appointment. While demand for online booking options is increasing, call centers are still the preferred point of entry for many patients.

Our new report shows that many health systems are falling short in the first interaction with patients: for example, 82% of call centers were unable to book an appointment directly over the phone. What’s more, when patients were able to obtain appointments, most call centers were unable to match callers to a provider that met their preferences, such as gender and location.

Call centers are responsible for answering inbound inquiries and guiding prospective patients to providers who meet their clinical needs and logistical preferences. But how is this possible if agents are using outdated or incomplete provider data and lack visibility into providers’ areas of clinical focus?

Our newly published Health System Call Center Experience Report explores the patient experience through multiple calls to 40 reputable U.S. health systems and hospitals. We soon discovered inadequate resources, such as comprehensive medical knowledge and an up-to-date physician directory, can ultimately lead patients down dead-end paths.

Want to know the key opportunities for improving patient experience in call centers? Download the Health System Call Center Experience Report here.

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