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COVID-19 Update: Caring For Our Customers, So They Can Care For Their Patients

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“To enable human beings to care for other human beings” has been the mission of Kyruus since we began this journey almost a decade ago. As our communities and nation face unprecedented and uncertain times, we maintain our steadfast commitment to this goal and to doing our part to improve access to care – no matter the circumstances. 

First and foremost, we are grateful to the thousands of caregivers on the front lines caring for patients. In thinking through how we could best help them, it was important for us to not be a distraction, but instead focus on tangible ways we can empower them during this time. To that end, we’ve taken a number of initial steps:

  • Our clinical team updated our clinical taxonomy proactively several weeks ago. Updates to our taxonomy enable health systems to configure provider profiles to indicate providers who see patients for coronavirus symptoms and, in turn, surface them in search results online. Consumers searching on health system websites can easily search using terms like “coronavirus,” “covid-19,” and “novel coronavirus” to obtain appropriate matches. Customers can also opt to configure their settings to display alternative sites of care or virtual care options.

  • We’re waiving integration fees for customers who want to surface virtual care options within their find-a-provider. Health systems using ProviderMatch for Consumers have the ability to customize a virtual care profile to display in results when consumers search for appropriate terms, making it easy for consumers to understand when virtual care is an option and how to access it. The profile has a customized call-to-action button, which the health system can choose to link out to an internal or third-party landing page. We are waiving fees to set this up at this time.

  • We’ve created a LinkedIn community where our customers can connect on patient access and coronavirus. We know that one of the best ways we can help our customers during times like these is by helping our unique community of thought leaders connect with each other. Our goal with this new group, Kyruus Customer Community: COVID-19, is to provide an easy way for health system leaders to engage, exchange ideas, and share support with others facing similar questions and challenges. 

As the situation evolves, we will continue to look for ways to support our customers further and encourage them to reach out with any questions on the points above or ideas on how we can enable their important work. We’re honored to play a small part in enabling our health system partners to care for – and save – human beings.

Graham Gardner, MD