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The Complexities and Classifications of Patient Access Discussed at ATLAS 2014

“Healthcare is different. It is one of the only industries that actively cares about the well-being of the consumers who cannot afford it - the patients.” This was one of the many inspiring statements shared at our inaugural Annual Thought Leadership on Access Symposium, and it points to the crux of the patient access issue: patients are the center of healthcare and they must be able to access the care they need, whenever they need it.

On November 19th, ATLAS 2014 welcomed the nation's top health executives, thought leaders, and policy makers to discuss topics around navigating the complex world of patient access. Truly thought provoking presentations were made, ranging from an overview of the Affordable Care Act, to exploring clinical imperatives behind system-wide access, to outlining the regulatory framework of access from a legal perspective, in addition to case studies and first-hand experiences around the implementation of access based systems.

As the conversation ensued, it became clear that there are many stakeholders in the patient access dialogue. Clinicians, regulators, data and analytics experts and overall health system and network administrators are all involved in the pursuit of a resolution.

What is certain is that healthcare as an industry is changing—and as we shape its growth, what market should we model it after? E-commerce, retail, local business…or is it its own unique entity that needs to be defined in and of itself? That question cannot be answered today but will be determined over time. As our CEO and co-founder Dr. Graham Gardner stated, “It is not one journey, but 500 little journeys.”

We could not be happier with how the event turned out and thank everyone who attended and lent their voice to the important conversation. The success of the symposium has further inspired our continuing discussion of patient access and we look forward to the new perspectives and thoughts shared at next year’s ATLAS 2015.

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