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Community Health Network’s Multi-Channel Approach to Enhancing Patient Access

Recall the last time you scheduled a healthcare appointment. Now compare it to recent experiences searching for a flight or making a restaurant reservation. It’s not news that while other industries have become more accessible and consumer-oriented, healthcare has lagged behind. Navigating health resources can be an opaque process, with provider information strewn across various websites and often inconsistent between what’s available to consumers online and what’s available to those taking their calls in access centers. This makes it difficult for healthcare consumers to find the information they need to make informed decisions.

Like many health systems, Community Health Network (CHN), an integrated system in Indiana, saw opportunity to improve the patient experience accessing their providers and unify that experience across access points. For instance, as the health system grew, it found itself with seven distinct websites, each with its own provider directory powered by separate data sources. In 2015, CHN’s access and marketing teams joined forces and set out to remove access roadblocks by:

  • Building a consolidated, robust provider directory. This entailed centralizing and enriching the data on CHN’s network of more than 800 providers, including gaining granular insight into providers’ clinical focus areas. This foundation of robust provider data paved the way for CHN to improve the ability for consumers to find the right provider for their needs, online or through the access center.
  • Enhancing its online presence. This meant launching a new website with consistent branding and a more consumer-friendly provider search experience. CHN’s improved website attracted and engaged consumers, as evidenced by a 60% increase in provider search volumes.
  • Scaling its recently-centralized access center. This involved leveraging comprehensive provider profiles and powerful provider search capabilities to streamline agent workflows and help them more easily match patients with the right providers. This improved efficiency led to a 20% reduction in call handle times.

To learn more about CHN’s multi-channel approach to improving patient access,
download the case study.

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