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Clinical Summit 2018: Fostering a Clinical Community


The Clinical Summit is a new addition to the ATLAS program this year! Tell us more about it:

I am so pleased and excited to have the inaugural Clinical Summit precede ATLAS this year. The Summit has been designed as a forum to discuss some of the broader issues and necessary associated change management initiatives being navigated by clinical leaders in today’s healthcare landscape. It’s also a great opportunity for attendees to learn from one another, exchange ideas, and come away with both strategic and tactical insights that can be applied at their own organizations. We’ll hear from a variety of experts, from organizations both large and small, and learn from their experiences about what has worked, what hasn’t, and how they are continuing to drive towards success at their institutions.

What topics of focus will be covered during the summit:

The afternoon of October 15th will be broken into three, one hour discussions. We’ll kick off the event with a discussion on provider engagement, followed by a fireside chat on provider autonomy, particularly as it relates to scheduling, and ending with a panel discussion on provider burnout. The Summit, immediately preceding ATLAS, will help to set the stage for the clinical perspectives and priorities on the patient access initiatives we’ll be hearing during the conference. While patient access is the grounding foundation bringing the whole audience together, the Clinical Summit raises how broader issues, such as provider engagement, might need to be considered and factored in. It’s a way of highlighting three high priority concerns to clinical leadership—engagement, burnout, and autonomy—and thinking about them at a health system level, as well as how they pertain to often more siloed initiatives, such as patient access. The speakers are fantastic too; they are engaging, charismatic, incredibly experienced, and super personable. In this more intimate setting, I anticipate some great conversations both in and out of the formal talks.

From a clinical perspective, what healthcare trend excites you most?

Healthcare is undergoing fundamental strategic changes as everyone struggles to address the issues of cost and quality. And of course there is the greater acknowledgement of the patient as an educated consumer, and valuing the experience of their care, as well as their clinical outcome. At the crossroads of cost, quality, and patient experience is the redefinition of healthcare itself—moving away from the brick and mortar delivery model of a clinical transaction to embrace social determinants of care as well. And I think this is truly exciting! Food, security, transportation, housing, and social supports are now being given their greater due. This ultimately broadens our definition of the care team and generates a more nuanced and holistic appreciation of the patient and their experience. It also creates tremendous opportunities to work together in novel ways, develop new healthcare delivery mechanisms, and recapture more of the relational and joyful aspects of care while simultaneously speaking to cost and quality.

What do you hope attendees gain from attending the Clinical Summit?

It probably goes without saying that I hope our Summit attendees find their time well spent. I want attendees to engage in meaningful conversations, make lasting connections, and gain insights that resonate with them as leaders at their organizations. I also hope the event creates an entryway to the additional conversations that will be taking place at ATLAS. Patient access is an initiative that impacts the entire health system. By fostering a clinical community that is aware of the different work ongoing around patient access and experience, you create a more engaged provider base that can work together to achieve the ultimate goal—systemness.

Learn more about the Clinical Summit and register today by selecting the clinical summit box during the ATLAS registration process!

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