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Nausheen Moulana

Recent Posts by Nausheen Moulana:

A Series on Chatbots: Using Chatbots to Deliver Self-Service Access to Care

There are many frameworks available to start developing your chatbot solution, for example, Google’s Dialogflow, Amazon Alexa, or Bot Framework from Microsoft. The benefits of using any one of these are undeniable: you can stand up a minimum viable product quickly. Without having prior AI knowledge, you can design the chatbot to fit your domain and integrate it with other services you already use. Some of them even have free offerings with sufficient capabilities to test your ideas, without investing a lot of time and cost.

Topics: Patient Access Patient Experience Digital Online Scheduling

A Series on Chatbots: Guiding Principles for Chatbot Integration

Among the first things you want to consider when you’re ready to integrate chatbots is how they align with your product strategy and customer value proposition. In the healthcare space you'll also need to consider and account for the ethical, regulatory, compliance, and operational requirements in the design of the chatbot.

Topics: Patient Access Patient Experience Access Center Digital Online Scheduling

A Series on Chatbots: Leveraging Technology to Meet Consumer Expectations

Did you know that over 84% of American adults saw a physician in 2016?1 You would think for an industry that has such a significant impact, they would make things easy, efficient, and consumer-friendly for its users. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case for most. Reflect on the last time you were able to call and book an appointment to see a doctor for yourself or someone in your care. How would you rate that experience? Did you wonder if there was a better and more accessible way to find care?

Topics: Patient Access Patient Experience Access Center Digital Online Scheduling