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Lisa Griffin, MBA, CCCM

Lisa Griffin, MBA, CCCM

While Lisa is new to her role as Director of Access at Houston Methodist Hospital, she has 29 years of healthcare experience with 20 years in healthcare management at the Cleveland Clinic. She possesses a successful record of accomplishment and holds a reputation for formulating strategies to achieve improvement in service delivery, patient access along with patient and provider satisfaction. Lisa has strong leadership, goal setting, and coaching skills. She is known for her tireless energetic work ethic and hands-on approach to achieving optimized access. She has the ability to work with customers at all levels and has an enhanced ability to align services across organizations. Lisa has a passion for serving as a patient’s voice to filter out unnecessary roadblocks to medical access. As a leader, she has designed and facilitated full system conversions. She supports that measurement is the key to driving results and it is critical to transforming organizational culture. Lisa has a passion for people development and a strong desire to continue to influence the patient experience by achieving uninhibited healthcare access – it is a journey that does not end. She believes that focusing on system barriers, team development, and patient access the patient experience will be optimized. Lisa is proud of the results she has experienced using this focused approach and welcomes the opportunity to share it.

Recent Posts by Lisa Griffin, MBA, CCCM:

Unrestricted Healthcare Access as a Culture

Editor's Note: This post - originally published on LinkedIn - was written by Lisa Griffin, Director of Access and Referral Management at Houston Methodist. Houston Methodist is a Kyruus client.

Many have tried desperately to capture the essence of unrestricted healthcare access and in my opinion, come short. It is my opinion that Access has become a buzz word rather than a real culture. As healthcare leaders and I mean anyone who has a passion for someone who may be a patient at any point in their lives we are obligated to forge a seamless path to healthcare services. My passion is my driver to share my opinion.

I began as a baby in the healthcare arena. Yes, many of you were born in a hospital and before birth, your mothers may have received care to ensure a healthy entry into this world. Our lives are centered and driven by being healthy or trying to have a life free of sickness. I am committed to an attempt to speak to the brave few who share my same commitment to lead Access Optimization.